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Dr. Dave is one of the Puget Sound areas most experienced, popular, and reliable Psychic Mediums with over 45 years of experience.  His life is devoted to helping people from all walks of life to better understand their lives and the continued and loving connections we have to our loved ones who have crossed over to the other side.  A reading takes between 90 minutes and two hours and is a warm and loving experience often carrying with it messages of love and support demonstarting that those we have lost are still with us and are still a part of our lives.

Readings are still just $85 per session (not per hour).  If you have questions about scheduling or anything else, please call Dr. Dave personally.  He is always glad to answer your questions.  

A Personal Note from Dr. Dave:

I've been a psychic professional for over 42 years and know how confusing it can be to find someone you can count on to actually DO what they purport to DO, be completely legitimate and real.
This is just little old me, Dr. Dave, and I want to thank you for visiting my paranormal and psychic website.With that in mind,  I have posted some of the newest letters I have received from clients lower on this page.  I believe there is no better way for me to communicate what I do than to have you read the words and experiences of those who have seen me recently.  So, please read on, dear friend, and feel free to call me with questions or to schedule appointments.  Yes, I still set my own appointments and answer my own phone.  Please don't be shy.  I am here to help. 


Someone on the other side may be waiting 
to communicate with you right now
Someone on the other side may be waiting to talk to you.  But you'll never know unless you ask.
Dr. Dave is both a Psychic AND a Medium.  He has the rare and beautiful gift of being able to communicate with those who have crossed over to the other side after physical death.

But, NOT ALL READINGS involve Mediumship. Many hundreds of clients have visited Dr. Dave to get advice from spirit to help them make decisions, find direction in life and meet their life-goals.  Whether your quest is to make contact with someone dear or or help you to get greater clarity about which of lives many paths are right for you to take, we know you'll enjoy your session with Dr. Dave.


Dr. Dave gets some truly
AMAZING letters. 
Those below are some of the more recent letters Dr. Dave has received.  Each author has given their permission to republish their letter and/or e-mail to help others who might be seeking the kind of help that Dr. Dave can offer.
Dear Dr. Dave,

Thank you, there are not enough words to express how thankful I am. Just about a year ago I lost my Mom, never did I think when I knocked on your door today it would change my life. I told you nothing but you told me everything, you did not miss a single detail.  I was fortunate enough for you to connect with my mother, the verbiage was exact. It was reassuring to know the life ending decisions I had to make were the right ones, that she hears me when I talk to her, that she loves me, you gave specific details no one knew, I had never met you only spoke with you to make an appointment, your talent is phenomenal. You made me feel at home, you truly gave me the closure I needed, I look forward to working with you again,  You really have a talent. Some might even say your a life saver. 

Thank you,  K


Dear Dr. Dave,
When I woke up on my birthday to a Facebook post from my daughter saying I was going to have an adventurous day, I had no idea that I would be fulfilling a long time wish to see a psychic. We saw you later that morning. After a short visit you explained what I needed to do, which included instructions on how to select Tarot cards and how to relax and mentally invite those I would like to hear from during the session.

I was left alone to do those things and then called you back into the room. As we began the session, I felt nervous and excited all at the same time. It quickly became clear to me that Dr. Dave seemed to be hearing from both my Dad and Mom. The information he shared seemed to be on target, almost everything could be applied to my current life. Some topics were issues I had been wondering about and others were information that I will remember and apply to future happenings.

Since the reading, I have thought over and over about the things you told me and really feel at peace when I think about our session. Your words filled a dream I have had for the last nine years to again have contact with my parents to make sure they are at peace and also happy with the way I am living my life.

Thanks Dr. Dave for an unforgettable birthday experience!


Dear Dr. Dave,

I was so impressed on how you connected with my Dad, who had passed.  You picked up on how he was saluting my nephew who had served in the Air Force, and that Daddy was talking to his young son.  It's weird because my nephew's son (a child) has repeatedly stated that there was someone in his toy room.  Now, because of this reading, we know it is Dad, in spirit, playing with and getting to know one of his own.  Dr. Dave, my family was also impressed on how you were so detailed on how my Dad passed.  Also, how you had seen that I was looking to get back into the workforce and my Dad and my dad said there was a job coming to me soon.

All of what I just described did not result from any information given by me or my family.  I know it was by you making connection with my Dad.  The best past as when you said that I recently had electrical problems in my house and just last week had to hire an electrician to find out why the plugs on one side of my kitchen were not working.  He said that it was my Dad trying to make contact with me because he had been an electrician.  How would YOU know my Dad was an electrician?  Thanks so much for the experience.



Dear Dr. Dave,
I am writing to thank you for the reading you provided me and for allowing me to record it. I have listened to that recording at least 20 times to help me realize I was making the right decisions and motivate me to keep moving forward.

When I left my reading I felt like I left in shock and maybe not seeming very grateful. It was a different kind of reading than I expected, however once I left I was very grateful for the messages that I received from my grandma and my friend and that you were willing to be the messenger. I could tell from the recording that you mentioned it wasn't a typical reading for you either.

The messages you gave me that day helped me in so many ways that I wanted to share with you how my life has changed since that moment I stepped into your home.

A few weeks after the reading, I found myself a divorce attorney and filed for divorce with a protection order. My soon-to-be ex-husband was kicked out of the house and hasn't been allowed to be around me or my kids since then and until the next court date in the middle of an upcoming month. 

I have learned to acknowledge that I was a victim of domestic violence and had been since before we were married. For many reasons which don't make sense now, I thought I needed to stay in that marriage.

Now I have a life, and my kids and I can breathe without having someone take the air out of our home and replace it with tension. I can "feel and see" again and my intuitive/sensitive abilities are becoming clearer as I align myself closer to who I am and not who I had to be in that marriage. I didn't realize I wasn't living my life and that I was numb to feeling.

I learned that my husband was doing things that were not okay, and I wasn't aware of until after he left the house. It has come down to I don't know who he is anymore and he wasn't the man I thought I married. I am so glad I didn't wait any longer to realize I needed to move on. And that man that you saw in the cards, we are becoming closer and for the first time, I could feel what it was like for someone to actually care about me.

Although it's been quite a journey since I left your home, it's been an amazing one full of discovery about myself and strength knowing we will be okay and that we made the right decision.

With that, I want to give you a hug and say Thank you, so very much for being my messenger that day. I can honestly say that the reading you gave me, changed my life and that of my four children.

I look forward to coming back when it's finalized for a much different experience :)


Name Withheld 
for reasons of privacy

Dear Dr. Dave,

I wish to thank you for the A+ reading I had with you this past week. It was something that answered the many unanswered questions I had.

I was really taken back when my father came forward. I didn't really expect him to come. You nailed him even though he was a hard person (spirit) to crack due to his denial here on earth.

When my mother came and told you to tell me that my dream of her was real, I almost freaked!   What I said to others years ago about the dream on how real and vivid it was, was confirmed word for word through you!
I enjoyed that it was one on one with you and spirit.  It was all about me. Nothing negative.  All positive.

I enjoyed the conversation we had afterwards when we discussed my own on-goings with  certain events happening to me from spirit. I am excited about attending the classes in January or February of next year to be more in tune with spirit.

All in all, it was a very inspirational and uplifting few hours with you. 

God Bless you Always,

Steve G

Dear Dr. Dave:

As you know, I have been a student of psychic phenomena for forty years.  A long time ago, I belonged to the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, so I could go and have a reading almost any time.  It was during that time, I learned to tell the difference between a genuine psychic, someone who was just developing their ability, and a total fake.  I have to congratulate you on your superior skill, David, which obviously, has been honed over many years of genuine effort.

I understand that all of us are psychic to one degree or another.  But, it takes paying attention and "listening" to the voice of spirit and then, interpreting what spirit is usually saying in "pictures", into the words a client can understand.  For most people, this is something they just can't do.  So, they call their visions "hunches" or "intuition". However, those few people out there who can truly call themselves "psychic", take it up to a whole other level of communication, don't they, Dr. Dave?

That is why I wanted to write and thank you again, for the reading you did for me yesterday. You certainly nailed every point spirit was trying to make!  You knew I was a remarried widow.  But, you didn't know my first husband has appeared at every psychic session I've ever been to.  Still, you pointed him out yesterday, delivered his message, and then asked who he was.  :)  What a gift it was to hear he is still "with me"! 

My deceased mother-in-law led the session yesterday.  Dorothy was/is such a powerful old soul. And although she passed in 2007, it is a great comfort to know she still looks in on all of us from time to time.  She expressed pointed concerns about my husband, our sons, and our grandchildren.  While you knew very little about my family, you reported what you heard, every item was directly "on point", and delivered with heartfelt concern and sensitivity.  I received reassurance that a decision we'd recently made about one child was the "right thing" to do, and that we were good parents, despite our disappointments.  I was given a caution to attend to my husband's health and was given good news about another child.  All of the information was specific, was welcome and  will be treasured and acted upon!     

Again Dr. Dave, thank you for sharing your skill with me yesterday.  I am aware that every session is physically draining for you, so I want you to know your efforts were/are deeply appreciated!  You are every bit as powerful and insightful a psychic as the schooled and certified Psychics I met years ago in London.  I respect and admire your wonderful "gift"!

Thank you again!

Deanie Adams


Dear Dr. Dave,
This comment is long overdue!  I want to thank you for connecting me with my father who has passed. Not only did you reconnect me what's my father, the things you told me we're so on target I was truly amazed!  There was no way you could have known all of that information!  I now live my life knowing my father is by my side.  I will be calling you again soon for another visit.  
Cheryl Mackey

Dear Dr. Dave:
This is just a short note to Thank you for the wonderful experience that you gave me two weeks ago in New Orleans at the Avenue Plaza.  I shared what you gave me with my children, my brother, and several women at work.  My children were so happy for me, and they were very glad that my parents came through for me.
My brother was speechless when I told him what happened when our father came through.  He is a skeptic with a capital "S".  He was amazed at the details that you gave me.  When  I told one of my friends at work that I had a reading she was very focused on what I told her.  She started to cry.  I thought her crying was for the fact of my father's coming through.  I found out after I finished telling her all that my father said that the day we were doing our reading, her nephew had killed himself.  She was so glad when I told her that my father said it did not hurt to die.  She said this made her feel a small sense joy, and  she was going to tell her sister about "life after death". 
In the two weeks since my reading,  every time I get in my car and turn on the radio, I hear an ABBA song. This was my father's favorite musical group.  I say hello to "daddy", and go on my way.  I have also paid attention to my dreams, which are more and more vivid with happy memories.  I also notice noises in the house, and understand what they mean. 
I feel a warm and comforting glow now: instead of the sorrow and loss I had before my reading.  I hope this note finds you in good health,  and I look forward to seeing you again next October at the Trolley for breakfast.
                                                          Very truly yours,
Dear Dr. Dave,
We are so honored to have met you and it’s been such a blessing for our family to receive your spiritual gift. I wanted to personally thank you for the treasure and comfort you have
given me with your amazing connection to my youngest son that passed away earlier this year.
Because or our profound loss I was living in darkness, struggling everyday and stuck in my life not knowing how to go on. In our first meeting you profoundly connected with my son and shared things about him that you couldn’t have known. You provided me
with so much of your time, love, wisdom and guidance. The experience was like no other and I was deeply moved by your skilled God-given ability to connect with those who
have crossed over. You put my heart at ease with the heavy burden I was carrying, provided me peace and changed my life.
You are nothing short of amazing! Now after several visits and the joy I experienced in bringing my oldest son to you connecting with his brother that passed, you in turn provided a deeper sense of comfort to both of us. I recall the warmth in the room, release and answers you were able to give us that no one else could. My oldest son was elated to know that his younger brother loved him dearly, is now protecting him through his guidance and offered him his humbling ways as a reminder of his memory.
I look forward to seeing you again soon and those two sweet pups of yours that added a smile! We are grateful to you in providing us with a higher level of understanding of our
loss and in providing the answers we needed through your gentle ways. I highly recommended you to anyone desiring to find comfort in connecting with our passed loved ones. Again, thank you for all you have done for me, my family and changing my life as my spiritual experiences with you are something I will never forget!
Forever grateful –
G. Allen


Dear Friend, 
I had never put much stock into “Mediums”, and actually, before my loved ones passing, I had never really heard of one. At the time, I was unsure why I was drawn to Dr. Dave’s website late one night, but now I know it is because my love guided me to him. I, hesitantly, made an appointment with a very happy, easy-going, Dr. Dave, and I can honestly say that my life changed from that moment. 
Just in our initial conversation, Dr. Dave opened my mind and my heart. I will save you some time and skip forward to my reading, which was 100% spot on. Dr. Dave knew more than he ever could have known without knowing both my loved one and me. He called me by the nickname that my love used and used exact wording from conversations that we had.   
He answered all of the questions that I had asked my spirit to address. He brought me so much peace and so much comfort with his connection to my love. Not only did he give me a message of love and strength and hope, but he also helped me understand my grief. 
 I was so impressed, that I booked an appointment for two dear friends to go see him the same weekend. I have also taken every friend and family member who comes to visit me and shows interest in a spiritual healing/awakening to go and see him. 
Never once have we been disappointed. Some of their responses have been: I feel like a different person” And “I will forever be thankful for Dr. Dave and his impact on my life.”
All the good things that people say about Dr. Dave are true. They are not embellished. He really is the real deal and a good person. I recommend his services 100%. I thank God for leading me to Dr. Dave, and I love that he has positively impacted so many of my living loved ones as well as those who have unfortunately passed before us. Dr. Dave has a gift. He is a good man. I consider him a friend and I am so thankful for him.
I also wanted to take a quick note to comment on his grief therapy. I did not experience it personally, but I have three loved ones who did, and each say that they truly felt like a weight was lifted off of them. They felt lighter and happier minutes after they participated in the therapy and even better the next morning. Just from witnessing it and the effects, I recommend this to anyone who feels overwhelmed or overcome by their grief. Dr. Dave is a blessing and a friend. He is a great soul to know.
Thank you, Dr. Dave, for everything you have done for both me and my family. I appreciate you more than you know.

Dr. Dave,
I want to thank you for your reading last week. My family has been really struggling since my brother died.
I told you nothing before my appointment only my first name and you came right out and said to my Mom, "Your son passed away".
I had chills all over me. There was no way you could have known that. You knew right away that he died unexpectedly and suddenly and we were glad to hear that there was only a flash of pain and then it was over. Hearing that he was okay gave my mother so much peace and she seems to be doing so much better. Thanks for everything.
Kelli, Leslie & Nancy

"I'm very fond of Dr. Dave. He has touched my life in a meaningful and emotional way. Through his special gift in making contact with loved ones who have passed on, I now have closure and peace within my heart.  Thank you Dr. Dave." 
~Name withheld for professional reasons

Dear Dr. Dave,
When we came to you we never expected to have the most amazing reading. We initially wanted to find out who our baby would see and play with.  So we brought the whole family to see you. You were always honest and upfront about how your process works and helped us understand how you would try to connect with whoever was there.
During the reading, I was able to reconnect with my Dad.  Turns out he had been leaving pennies around my house for the baby. We also learned that he was visiting our older child to spend time with his grandchild that he never had the opportunity to know in life.
My husband was able to reconnect with his Grandfather who was the spirit we would notice playing with the baby. We also learned that he keeps the "night watch" over her. We were also able to reconnect with my husbands Grandma, on another side of his family. Only to learn that his newly passed Grandfather was busy fishing, his favorite pastime while he was here on earth.
I was also able to receive a remarkable and loving message to help me find my way through the troublesome emotions surrounding the passing of my Dad.
What's remarkable is that there is no way you could have known all those details about us. Even the details you received that you did not understand personally were spot on to us.
You were even able to give details that no one but our family would have known.  It was obvious that the spirits passed those details on to confirm for us that our reading was true and that our family members who have crossed over are still with us.  You also gave us great confirmation that we are headed down the right path in life.
This was the most rewarding experience we could have ever asked for. We had to tell all our friends and family right away. And they too were amazed and thankful for the messages you were able to deliver to us.
Thank you Dr. Dave from the bottom of our hearts we couldn't have asked for anything better than to have seen you for a reading!!
The Waltons

Thank you, Dr. Dave! 
I contacted you to get answers and you delivered.  I e-mailed you and only told you I was overwhemed, and you got back to me in very quickly. 
You were completely upfront with me and even though you told me things I did not want to hear, you were accurate about everything.  I did not tell you anything, you only asked me a few basic questions.
You knew things about my marriage I have never told anybody.  It felt amazing that my Dad was there in spirit, and I was not there to get in touch with my Dad, but he helped you give me the answers I needed about my life. 
I did not mention that my dad passed, but he found you, or you found him.  You knew he was in pain before he died, you knew I was there when he did die.  I came needing answers and even though it was not what I wanted to hear and it was very hard to hear, I appreciate your help so much.  Thank you again, so much! 
-Name Withheld  for privacy
Dear Dr. Dave,
Wanted to share something with you.  Last time we talked, Mom came to you and you shared with me what she said.  One thing you said made no sense to me until today - you said that I would be going to an event and Mom would be there with me...  YOU WERE RIGHT! 
A friend's husband was killed two weeks ago while riding his bike. The celebration of life was today - and I went to support Mary (my friend) and during the service I felt Mom there with me, and couldn't control the tears. 
Then, they had a bag piper play "Amazing Grace" - and he came down the aisle and out the door while playing.  OH MY GOD!
Dave, Mom was there I felt her. I know you have an ability that I sincerely wish I had, but I am more than thankful to have a friend like you who shares his gift. Thank you for being in my life, and sharing. I love you.
C in California

Dear Dr. Dave,
My name is Robin and you did a reading for my mother, Nancy.  My Mother was skeptical and reluctant to seek psychic help.  It was not something that we had ever done before.
I said, "Mom, do you know what 'psychic' means?  She said "No,"  so I explained. 
"Psychic means, 'of the soul'," I explained."  And a PSYCHIC / MEDIUM is a 'spiritual DOCTOR' who can give you help and spiritual guidance."
I truly believe that what we experienced through you was a spiritual healing!  I want you to know how much we appreciate your gift and the help we were able to receive through you.  Not only did you give my Mother and I peace about my brother's death - - you have helped my whole family.
Our lives were shattered on April 26th , the day by Brother, Scott, was found dead.  There were many unanswered questions  surrounding his death because we didn't even know how he died (for sure).  We did NOT know and it driving us crazy.  Through you, my brother was able to communicate with us and answer questions that only HE could answer.  We now know that my brother didn't commit suicide and he wan't murdered.
There is NO DOUBT in my mind that my brother was there with us.  You described his character perfectly and you spoke in words that only HE would speak.  He even told you of a conversation between my Mother and I before we had the appointment with you.
You said my brother was giving us RED roses.  You could not have known this but at the end of the viewing of his body at the funeral home, he was COVERED with RED ROSES!
There were so many validations you were able to give.  So I want to say again, Thank You, Dr. Dave, for helping so many people through this one reading!  Your gift is absolutely priceless!
Dear Dr. Dave,
I would like to start off by saying, Thank you for the opportunity to be read by you. I had one of the best feelings of my life when I experienced this reading. 
You told me some things about my father that I never knew.  For instance, you told me that my Mom had a chain of my Father's that he wanted me to have.  It was something that was close to his heart.  You told me many other things, too, but that necklace thing stuck with me.  I couldn't wait for my mother to get home, so I could ask her about it.  But I have no patience.
So, I waited in my car until my mother was off work and on our way to take her home, I said, "Mom I got a reading today," and went on to tell her about what happened during the time we spent together. 
She told me that all she did, indeed, have my Dad's charm necklace with four or five charms on it. And, it in was in her storage unit.  She said that when she has a chance to get to it she will give it to me!
Dr. Dave, you told me that there was a necklace with two or more things on it that he wanted me to have.  You also told me that my Mom had it!  There it was!  It is a charm necklace that my Dad gave to my Mom years ago which he always cherished. 
When you first said it,  I was thinking, "No, my mom doesn't have anything like that; only his pictures.   I even said it to you.  You even said my mom would gave it to me. And, she did!   I had a lot of emotions going through my head about this, and all the other things you said. 
But as we kept going, you started making more and more sense and the puzzle started putting itself together right in front of me.  
If I didn't believe anything like this before my reading with you, I sure do now!  
I want to say from the bottom of my heart,  Thank You, Thank You, Thank you,  Dr. Dave.
Yours truly,
Dear Dr. Dave,
I just wanted to tell you from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!  I was so honored to meet you and your wonderful grandmother on the other side. 
I went to you in order to reach my grandfather who had passed away several years ago.  Because of some family “drama” I was left in the dark regarding my grandfather's death and was told of his passing after the fact.  My grandfather and I were so close and I carried a heavy heart for not being able to say good-bye to him and let him know how much I loved him.  I carried this burden around for many years. 
When I came to see you, I wanted nothing else but to be able to make contact with my grandfather and put my heart at ease. With your help and your beautiful talent, I was able to do that.  As an added bonus, my husband’s Mother made contact and let him know that he was loved and also protected.
I get tears in my eyes just recalling that afternoon in the presence of all that love. 
My husband and I left that afternoon with our hearts lighter, filled up with love, awe and with a deep sense of peace.  The time I spent with you changed my life…and all from telling you NOTHING in advance!!  You are truly amazing.  You have blessed my life and helped me to gain peace in regards to my grandfather and opened my eyes to decisions I needed to make in my personal life, as well.
I cannot wait to see you (and your dogs!) again and reach out to others whom I have loved, who have loved me in return and have more questions about my life path answered. 
Again, "thank you" for what you have done for me.  It is something that will never forget
Dear Dr. Dave:
This world is almost too much to have to bear for those of us who lost those we love so much.  Sadly and too often, we are then saddled with those who make life complicated and dark after those we love have been ripped from our lives.  
For those of us who have those difficult people in our lives, it seems like they try to make it their mission and go out of their way to make it difficult for us to recover from our loss. They seem to make almost every attempt to thwart our attempts to live the rest of our own lives in peace and happiness.  
Are we honoring those we have loved and lost by continuing these black-hearted relationships just because we share a relationship or family tie?
These were my questions when I came to you, Dr. Dave. 
I am thanking you so much for being the vessel of my Mother's love and permission; for being able to speak in her words, to put on her mantle of unconditional love and acceptance, and to communicate her love and support as she did when she was still here on this Earth.
I left my time with you with a lighter heart and with the sense of knowing that I had really talked with her just one more time.
Thank you, Dr. Dave, for being a conduit for my Mom to send me the messages that released me to spend the rest of my life as God intended for me, to follow a path rich in love and all good things.
I thank you, from my heart.
Aloha Dr. Dave!
I would like to thank you for the reading you did for me!  I'm honored to have met you and your Grandmother Geraldine (aloha to her in spirit) and I just wanted to say that it meant a lot to me that my Dad came thru for me.  
My life has been so much better (for that matter, my heart) since that reading.
You asked if I was about to take a trip and told me that he was going with me.  Well, let me tell you he was with me alright!!!  I had a stand-by ticket to go to California but I ended up in First Class through a weird set of circumstances.  The same thing happened on my way back here!
I felt like he had a hand in it. It even surprised of all my family members! It was a sort of reunion for my sisters & I since the passing of our Dad and I know he was there with all his daughters!   Again,  thank you for all that you do to help people with the gift that you have!!!
Much Mahalo, David
Dear Dr. Dave,
Thank you for meeting with me last Monday. It was great to meet you and hear your stories.  Things that you do and experience, fascinate me.
You answered many things that I needed to know.  I feel like I am going through some rough times right now, but with your reading, I have hope for the future.  I want all the things you told me to happen when it comes to the job you described, and the person I will meet one day.
I have been physically and emotionally drained since last week.  I need strength to get me through the next few weeks.  I think that it is stress and that I am overworked.  I am struggling to get my job done daily.  If you have any advice for me, that would be greatly appreciated.
Other than that, I thank you again for everything.  I like the way you took your time and didn't rush me out the door.  I appreciate your gifts, humor, and knowledge. :)

Laura Kamau
I enjoyed the reading I had done last Tuesday! Thanks, so much!
Dear Dr. Dave,
    First off I would like to say that you are amazing! I went to see you this afternoon to try and connect with a loved one that has recently passed.
I have never done anything like this before so I decided to bring my Uncle with me for moral support.  Right away, without telling you anything, you told us that there was a female spirit present that recently passed.  You could NOT have known that my Aunt passed just 4 days before.  
My Aunt and I were VERY close.  That's why it didn't surprise me much when you shifted your attention from me to him and told us that she was really there to talk to him. 
Likewise, you could not have known that my Uncle has not been dealing with her passing very well, at all.  So, I was very excited to know she had come through to talk to him. She had lots to say to my Uncle that he really needed to hear.
You were right on with describing her to the T!  You also let us know that my Uncle's parents were there with her. He told me that he felt a weight lifted off of him just knowing that she wasn't alone.
Without me going to see you today, my Uncle would have never have come.  And, he would not have had the opportunity to get the closure that he got from talking to the woman he had loved so much one last time.
I am soooo very glad that I set up this appointment!  Like I said, I have never done anything like this before. But, something inside me told me I had to.  I know now that it was my Aunt needing to say certain things that she never got the chance to say to my Uncle since her passing was so unexpected.
It was amazing to hear you say things that no one else would know!
I am definitely a believer now! I would recommend you any day! It was a wonderful experience and I cant wait to have another meeting with you!

Thanks again, 
Dear Dr. Dave,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful reading I had with you.  You didn't ask me any questions, and yet you described things in my life, and about the cross roads I am currently at with regard to making some  changes.  You communicated with my Dad, saying things that only he would say and things you wouldn't know, which totally confirmed it was him communicating through you to me.  You even communicated his words like he would say them.  I am still amazed at how accurate you are, and truly believe that I was blessed to have that time with you to communicate with my dad.  Thank you for the great experience, and insight to things that I need to put into action in my life to be happy.
Bless you,
Dear Dr. Dave,
I wanted to thank you, so much, for doing my reading.  You were right about everything and you didn't know anything in advance of our meeting.  I haven't ever been a skeptical about the paranormal,  but I have been VERY skeptical with the psychics.
After my Dad died in August last year and it almost killed me inside because I was the closest person to him and he was the most important person in my life.  (I grew up with my dad and I'm the biggest daddy's girl EVER, so losing him just brought my life to a stop. 
After a few months of him being gone it started getting really weird around my house, not scary though. But odd things began to happen around my house.  So with everything going on - - and everyone in the house noticing - -  I am convinced it is my Dad.
I have taken many pictures in my house and pictures of my kids and I was getting orbs each time. So when I came to you I was pretty nervous, but you made me feel really comfortable and you explained everything so well, and you didn't even ask me questions on what I thought was going on with me. I thought was awesome because you started from scratch! 
When we did my cards, I did exactly what you said. So, when you laid them out and you were amazed at what you saw, I was nervous. When you told me I had selected a card that meant that I had lost a male loved one recently, I was getting excited because I didn't tell you that.
I also have things that go on in my house, that we don't tell anyone about, and when you were getting a message from a male spirit he was trying to tell you about something that happens here at night.  When you said it had something to do with a light and the TV, I was stunned!  I didn't tell you that anything even happens in  our house, but you were exactly right.
When my Dad was alive he had some problems that he didn't want to deal with.  So he had an accident and died.  You didn't know this, but you had said that there is something very weird about the way he died and you weren't getting a heart attack or stroke, but it was something very weird and you asked me if I understood even if you  didn't.  I said "Yes," and you were getting a message from the male saying, "I take partial responsibility for my own passing.  I did this to myself and she doesn't need to go through the emotional agony that she's putting herself through. Now, I understand  how wrong I was, and she doesn't need to do the same stupid sh*t."
Then you got another message saying, "It doesn't matter how it happened. What matters is what she does with her life for now on. I was stupid, but tell her not to do the same things I did and I'm gonna be with her, tell her I love her."
When you told me what was coming from this male, I could not believe what I what I was hearing because it was exactly what my Dad would say, and you had no reason to say any of that unless it was coming from someone who new me well.  I absolutely believe that my dad was talking to you that day.
The next part of the reading you said that that male was giving you pink teddy bears for me which you thought was odd because the spirits usually give you flowers to give to their loved ones. So, at the end of the reading, I showed you some pictures and in one of them my daughter is wearing a pink teddy bear outfit.  My daughter was born 13 days after my Dad died and he was letting me know that he knows her and that maybe he has even met her!  She wears it quite often and I think that outfit was probably the only one that would stand out to me if he was trying to tell me something about her.
There was so many things that you said that only my dad would say to me, you  also told me that one of the cards was saying that this male wanted me to get my stuff together think about my future.  To buckle down and the other card was saying that he doesn't think I will do it. Well, my dad had always told me to buckle down and he had always gotten upset with me because I always said, "Oh yeah, I'm going to do it," and sometimes I wouldn't do it - so he would always tell me he didn't think I would do it.  
He was referencing things that I would have to do with my life like going back to school, or making my appointments on time. So I know that my Dad was really there with us and I know he is here with me right now.  I feel so much better after hearing everything you said.  I feel like I have a little bit of closure now because I use to blame myself for his death and I think he knew that. which is maybe why he told us he takes partial responsibility for his passing, he knew that was the biggest thing weighing on me.
What was MOST amazing, though, was that as I was leaving, I decided to show you pictures of the baby. and in ONE of the pictures, the baby is wearing a PINK TEDDY BEAR SUIT.  Until you pointed it out, I didn't notice it. 
Coincidence?  I don't think so!  Particularly when you had not seen the picture, and he made a point of PINK TEDDY BEARS earlier in the reading.  It was his way of making me aware that he is with me, is aware of my life and is still watching and protecting me.
Thank you so much,
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