I let my hair and beard grow back since this picture was taken. But I'm still the same psychic medium I always was, I just look different.About Me:  
Before I get started, let me explain that if you are expecting crystal skulls, pentagrams, gypsy curses and general weirdness, I am probably not the guy you should be seeing.  There are plenty of those types around, but I am not one of them.  Metaphysically speaking, I understand that there's a place in the Universe for those folks, too.  It's just that my personal energy doesn't flow in that direction. Likewise, if you are expecting me to tell you where the missing Will is to be found, when you are going to die, what the winning lottery numbers for the next drawing will be, or any other such nonsense - I'm not your guy, either.  I'm a psychic - - not OnStar. (If I could use this skill to pick winning lottery numbers you may rest assured that I would probably be doing it.  That's not what this skill is about.)
Plainly speaking, your consultation with any psychic (not just ME in particular) is not a clear channel to the wisdom of the entire Universe.  A psychic consultation with me or any other person who does what I do should yield practical ADVICE and INFORMATION to help you make better decisions about what pathways to take in your life to get where you want to go, achieve what you want to achieve, and accomplish your personal goals.  The information can help you get more clarity on your life's purpose and become aware of the things you need to learn or take vigilance of to help you avoid pitfalls and avoid unnecessary hurdles.
In addition, over all these years I have come to understand that your deceased family and friends are among those on the other side who wish you well and are always ready to help.  They are always with you and monitor your progress throughout your life.  Often, I am able to help that process by establishing a bridge for a brief but direct session of communication between you and them.  Whatever the content in that flow of information and whether it merely validates their presence with you and the love they have carried with them to the other side or has some greater informational significance, your recognition of their presence is almost always assured from that validation, appreciation and communication that occurs during a reading.
To tell you a little more about me personally, I consider myself to be a normal, regular human being.  I went to public school, got a good education with a focus on psychology, holistic health and communications.  I am single, live with two fat and spoiled Pekingese dogs that I adore, drive my own car, cook my own meals, do my own laundry, housework & shopping,  and don't consider myself to be particularly extraordinary.  I know I SEEM that way to people who do not know me socially, but in reality I am very much like you.  It is what I do for a living and what I have studied all my life that is extraordinary.  Not me, the person.
You see, I've been a practicing psychic, medium, and paranormal consultant for over thirty-five years.  I've been interested in this field since I was a 7 years old and had what would turn out to be my first paranormal experience.  That experience would prove to be the catalyst for a lifetime spent learning about almost all things that can be labeled as "psychic", "spiritual", "metaphysical", and "paranormal".
In my late teens, I learned that I had a talent for "knowing" things about other people and being able to communicate with those who had passed over to the other side.  It was appalling and horrifying to my devoutly Methodist parents.  (I've since learned that ALL of us interact with spiritual, psychic and otherworldly side of ourselves whether we know it or not - - EVEN METHODISTS... )  But it didn't seem too strange to me ... because it happened all the time.  I knew that the skill was real because of the feedback I always received from the people I helped with the information.
Throughout my life I've had many teachers (on BOTH sides of the dimensional divide), each contributing in their own respective ways to my learning. What I am today is the sum-total of their collective wisdom. And, when I was 23, I started to do "readings" for friends - their requests sprang mostly out of their own quest for amusement.  I was just learning this craft, needed the practice with real people, learned from the experiences that I was more right than I was wrong and enjoyed seeing the amazed looks on their faces as each respective reading would unfold.  But, that phase of my personal development didn't last for too long.
Soon, I was getting phone calls from my friend's friends requesting to visit with me.  Some of them had questions about their current life-events while others were more curious than quizzical. If I had been on the life path I am now, it would have been fine, but at the time I was seeking to establish a career in broadcasting and entertainment as a mainstream radio and TV personality and stage performer.  That was in the late 60's and early-to-mid 70's and I made a decision at the time to set aside my psychic endeavours in my pursuit of a more practical lifestyle and occupation.  I became a moderately successful broadcast personality and gained regional prominence in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. But all things change and so did the broadcasting and entertainment industries.  Local DJ's were replaced by automated and syndicated radio shows and variety entertainment began to fade.  In the early part of my fortieth year I woke up one morning to the realization that I had become a dinosaur in "the business" and needed to reinvent myself (or maybe that should be "reverse engineer" myself) back to my metaphysical beginnings.
I began to study natural and metaphysical healing and learned Reiki (pronounced "RAY-key")  a natural healing art from Japan.  After many years of study, I gained the mantle of Reiki Mastership - the highest level of Reiki practice and education.  My post-graduate training in energetic healing came from the American Reiki Institute, where I achieved the status of Doctor of Energetic Healing.  I have taught Reiki and other energy therapies (including Thought Field Therapy)  for many years and still have a limited practice in the field.
So, now I am in what I believe to be the final career phase of my life.  I believe that I am once again doing what I came into this life to do - help others through the use of my own special skills and the wisdom I have gained from them.  And I would invite you, dear friend, to look within your own life to find your own unanswered questions, personal curiousities and unfulfilled quests for greater personal or spiritual understanding and let me help you fill in your own blanks.  Your inner fulfillment is now my main concern.
Please feel free to contact me personally to see if some input I can provide will help you.  This is an open invitation that I am extending to you and anyone you know whom you think might benefit from a personal meeting.  Remember that life is a continuing classroom that is filled with opportunities to learn and develop spiritually.  It is up to you to grasp those opportunities.
Again, Beware of of sites offering free psychic services or free psychic  readings. These are generally unscrupulous operators who prey on your gullibility.
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