Ashley House Archive 
New Orleans Most Haunted Residence
At the request of the current owners of ASHLEY HOUSE, Dr. Dave has, for the past six years, been studying ASHLEY HOUSE to validate it's paranormal activity.     Every Halloween, for the past several years, Dr. Dave has conducted a paranormal investigation with as many as sixty guests present for each investigation.  The results have been nothing short of stunning.  Every year, Dr. Dave as well as many other guest investigators have been adding a little evidence at a time of what is now a tremendous volume of photos, video and audio recordings that all prove ASHLEY HOUSE is, indeed, the Most Haunted Residence in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Now an Historic Landmark, Ashley House is owned and operated by a major hositality corporation and is located in the Garden District of New Orleans.  This Archive contains some of the more startling evidence that has been captured by modern methods, but there is much more.  Too much, in fact, to be shown in a single site.  But viewing it will give practically anyone the same conclusion; Ashley House is paranormally active.

Dr. Dave did not personally gather ALL of the information aMuch nd photos herein, but many did and those who have contributed to this project hae our sincere thanks for their participation and willingness to share evidence they themselves have captured during the Ashley House Paranormal Event which is usually held yearly during the week of Halloween each year.

Built in 1830, Ashley House was originally built on St. Charles Avenue, but later move around the corner to its current location.  Alexander and Rosina Phillips bought the house for $1500 in 1851.  Before the Civil War, the house was sold to Duncan Kenner, a planter, statesman and politician.

Although verifiable details are somewhat lacking, it is more or less commonly accepted that the house was conscripted by the Union Army during the civil war and used as a field hospital.  Much of the paranormal evidence also points in that direction.  It is known that wounded soldiers were held, treated and spent at least part of their recovery in the house.

Over the past many years, the house has demonstrated its paranormally active nature to many, especially those taking photos within it.  Following here are some of the more startling examples.  In the following pictures you will notice spirit energy fields (more commonly called "orbs" of light) and peculiar light artifacts.  Additionbally the house has yielded a generous number of EVPs(Electronic Voice Phenomena - when a recording is made and nothing is heard during the recording time but when the recording is played back a very evident spirit message is embedded in the recording).
(Click to enlarge the pictures below)

Ashley House first floor spirit orb.These are only three of literally HUNDREDS of orb photos taken by researchers and lay people alike.  Many of us has tried to debunk them as light artifact, bugs, lens smudges, etc - ALL unsuccessful.  The first two show the same orb in DIFFERENT rooms that followed me as I went from room to room verbally giving the instruction to "get out in front of me so I can take your picture."

Ashley House Gentlemen's Smoking Parlour spirit orb

Below center is the same orb floating in yet another room, again, responding to my verbal instructions


BELOW:  The same (?) orb responding to my "Good-bye" picture request as we descended the stairs to the main floor


BELOW:  One of the resort engineers trying to coax the spirit of the child rumored to be a spirit resident of the house to sit by him or on his lap.  Look carefully at the orb over this left hand.

BELOW:  Notice what happens when another event participant follows the engineer's lead about coaxing the kids to sit by him.  The orb is right in his line of vision.

BELOW:  The piano shown was owned by a former resident name Mrs. Dunbar who was a music teacher and pianist.  The piano give off an EM field and will periodically sound a single note.  Notice the orb hovering inside the lid.  Also, notice the face of the man in the picture over the fireplace.

BELOW LEFT:   Picture taken by a resort guest of a window outside the house with an eerie image embedded in it.  I contrasted it by putting it next to a close up of the image in the frame by the piano and over the fireplace.  We believe this to be D.R. Carroll, another of the former owners of the house.

The Nurse:
If you click and enlarge the picture to the left, you will see an apparition of what we believe to be a civil war nurse.  The picture was taken in the room said to be the room where amputations were carried out on wounded civil war soldiers.  Look to the left of the headboard at the door casing.  Nurses in that day would sometimes wear a vursing "veil" to keep blood from amputations from splattering the women in the face.



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