Dr. Dave's
Past Life Parties
Dr. Dave, Psychic & Spiritual Medium, addresses a group of Students in Lemington Spa, Near Birmingham, England.
Dr. Dave's Past Life Parties 
Reincarnation is REAL and a FACT!  Find out during these amazing events in the comfort of your own home!

Now, you and an intimate group of friends will have the stunning and unique opportunity to actually RECALL these memories of lifetimes you have lived in the past during one of Dr. Dave's PAST LIFE PARTIES!

Dr. Dave is a highly respected and experienced Past Life Regression Hypnotist and has helped thousands of people remember verifiable details of their own past lifetimes.

Parties are usually 2-3 hours with participation limited to 8 people or less depending upon space.  During the party, Dr. Dave will hypnotically regress you and your guests into a light hypnotic state where these past life memories are freely available from the recesses of the subconscious mind.

All participants will remember and understand these past lifetimes and often find clues as to how these past lives may be impacting their current lives today.

This is a totally safe and fun event that you can host in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home.  Your friends will talk about this for years!

Fee:  $250 for the evening

Please call Dr. Dave directly for more information:  253-576-5971

Sometimes your best answers to your personal questions come direct from spirit.  Get help with questions soon.  Dr. Dave is a psychic and medium in Tacoma, WA who does psychic readings and investigates the paranormal..psychic, medium, Psychic readings, help, ghost====================
House Clearings / Blessings

Paranormal Investigation of "troubled properties"
Paranormal ghosthunters will find valuable information here.  Dr. Dave is a psychic and medium in Tacoma, WA who does psychic readings and investigates the paranormal.
Do you have the feeling that you are sharing your home with someone or something you can or can't see?

Seeking answers and /or help in clearing negative, destructive, or creepy energies from your home?

Dr. Dave is an expert in the metaphysical and paranormal and offers help to individuals and families who are troubled by hauntings, presences, and a wide variety of paranormal disturbances.  As every case is different, please call Dr. Dave and discuss your matter with him directly at 253-576-5971.


Dr. Dave Talks ... and talks ...and talks...
Dr. Dave is now available for speaking engagements before groups of all kinds.  Usually there is no fee for these events.  To request Dr. Dave to speak before your group please call Dr. Dave DIRECTLY at:
The same goes for media appearances or interviews.
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