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I do psychic readings and work as a medium for  people who need answers.  Dr. Dave is a psychic and medium in  Tacoma, WA who does psychic readings and investigates the paranormal.WHAT HAPPENS DURING A "READING"?

Psychic Readings are always life-altering experiences for the client.  

Dr. Dave is not only a "psychic"  He is also a "medium".  Mediums are those who possess a rare and beautiful gift of being able to connect with those who have crossed over to the "other side".  Opening others to the wonder of KNOWING that those we have loved are not really "dead" in the final sense of the word.  Rather they are still with us and a part of our lives.  They continue to love us from the other side and not only wish us well but also are eager to offer their practical aid, moral support, and most importantly want us to understand that death is not "the end." 

Through a psychic reading, Dr. Dave is often able to offer a client a different perspective from which to view the events and experiences in their life, answers often emerge that, once exposed, cannot be ignored.  

He is an expert at what he does, having done it for more than forty years and is very careful to keep his readings free of the usual psychic/metaphysical mumbo-jumbo.
Dr. Dave also cares that the time you spend together is a time of learning for you that will help you in your quest for greater understanding, wisdom, healing understanding, wisdom and personal growth.   
Again, be careful of sites offering a "free psychic readings".  These sites are only after your money and prey on your gullibility.
More Testimonials:
Dear Dr. Dave,

Thank you, there are not enough words to express how thankful I am. Just about a year ago I lost my Mom, never did I think when I knocked on your door today it would change my life. I told you nothing but you told me everything, you did not miss a single detail.  I was fortunate enough for you to connect with my mother, the verbiage was exact. It was reassuring to know the life ending decisions I had to make were the right ones, that she hears me when I talk to her, that she loves me, you gave specific details no one knew, I had never met you only spoke with you to make an appointment, your talent is phenomenal. You made me feel at home, you truly gave me the closure I needed, I look forward to working with you again,  You really have a talent. Some might even say your a life saver. 

Thank you,  K


 Dr. Dave is a gifted psychic medium. His readings are direct and his interpretive style does NOT involve asking directional questions or making general statements that can be interpreted numerous ways. Rather, he launches into a rather definitive and pointed narrative that leaves no doubt what he means.

- Name withheld for person reasons


In reviewing his background as detailed on his website, he was in broadcast communications and his clarity of expression and thought was evident during the reading.
No channeling of spirits on this reading, but his insight as it related to recent and current events was spot on.
I have been to numerous psychics before who have used different techniques to "tune in" and would have to say that he is among the best, if not the best that I have been to, among 6-8 across the US.
For example, prior to the session, I had written down a number of questions but unprompted, he touched on almost all-especially the most pressing ones. I left the session feeling like I received the insight and perspective I was seeking.
For those of you who have never been to a psychic before, he charges by the session and not the minutes. He starts out by spending an hour or so telling you about his life and how he discovered his abilities. He explains how he approaches his readings and uses his abilities professionally. This conversation was one-sided -- that is, there was NO chance that the conversation could have clued him into my background or questions. I just listened.
Then, he leaves the room and has you mix a set of tarot cards and concentrate picking 18 (he advises that you spend 10-15 minutes picking the cards carefully. He then returns to the room and asks you to remove your watch and cell phone which can interfere with signals and holds both of your hands while you repeat your first name three times. Then, he starts arranging the cards on the table and begins his reading.
I brought a digital recorder along so that I could go back and review the session. My reading took about an hour, plus the hour where he went into his background.
For those in transition, pondering potential directions, or just needing some clarity on things to confirm a hunch, Dr. Dave can give you added perspective.
I'd highly recommend Dr. Dave Hanson based on my first reading last week."


Dear Dr. Dave,
Thank you for your excellent, professional guidance and in-depth insight.  The time I spent with you gave me real clarity into my past and future.   Your information was very accurate and helps me see in which direction my job, life, and family members are going in.  I look forward to another great reading!  I'd rate you at A+++.
I highly recommend everyone to get a reading from Dr. Dave.  A must for anyone who's interested in their future. Thanks, Dr. Dave. 
                                                V.R, Tacoma, WA
Dear Dr Dave,
I am so thankful you have returned to the Northwest. Your readings always give me insight, guidance and clarity.  While you were living out of the area, I tried several different psychics and could not find anyone who remotely came close to the accuracy you have.   Your readings are spot on. Sometimes the information you share materializes within days of your predictions.
I like that you never ask me any personal questions ahead of the reading -  but you always know exactly what is happening in my life.   I am grounded in your predictions and have a sense of what to expect.  I know I make better decisions because of the information I get from you and I have a better understanding of what is happening if life is raining down on my shoulders.
Your readings often confirm what I already know. When things are positive I feel uplifted and when I need to make adjustments in my path your readings gives me a much needed kick in the pants.  I am appreciative that you have a direct connection with my angels and can articulate the information in a no-nonsense, warm and compassionate way.
For those of you reading this, once you have a reading you will be blown away by Dave’s insight, accuracy and his ability to convey the information in a consultative way.  I highly recommend Dr. Dave to believers and skeptics alike.  If you’ve ever been curious Dr. Dave is the one to call! 
                                                Linda D. - Renton, WA
Please set aside the appropriate amount of time for your reading with Dr. Dave.  Readings take anywhere between 50 minutes and 120 minutes.  As long as the information is still flowing, Dr. Dave will stay with it.  You are paying per SESSION, not per HOUR or MINUTE.
Please try to be on time.  Being tardy is discourtious to those who may be scheduled after you.   If you cannot be on time, please call ahead.  The same rule holds if you must cancel and reschedule your appointment. 
For general (psychic) readings, please prepare a list of questions or topics that you would like for Dr. Dave to focus on during your reading. Audio recordings are allowed.  Feel free.
are generally between 60 and 120 minutes 
and are $85 regardless of length.

To inquire about scheduling a reading, joining a class or training, or get other information about available dates and times, please call:
(253) 576-5971
Monday through Friday 10 AM to 6 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Sorry, Dr. Dave is unable to accept credit cards at the present time. Payment should be made in CASH or CHECK
Dr. Dave believes that his skills are given to him by God for the purpose of helping everyday people just like you.  If you have a question or some other request that has not been addressed on the rest of this web site, please use the form below for your inquiry.  You will be contacted personally by Dr. Dave within 24 hours. 
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Dr. Hanson is usually available Mon. through Sat. from 10 AM to 7 PM  PT
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