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The Weirdest Paranormal Picture I Have Ever Gotten
Some Plain Talk About Shadow People
Ashley House video
Insane Asylum Ghost Picture
Queen Mary Ghost or Demon? You decide.

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Children, Orbs, and the Paranormal
Ashley House Ghost Hunt Photos
Ashley House video
Queen Mary Ghost or Demon? You decide.
Some Plain Talk About Shadow People


Ashley House Ghosthunt Photos
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The Paranormal

The Weirdest Paranormal Picture I Have Ever Gotten

You'll have to look at this for a while to let your eyes adjust to the image but you'll see a full face on the right hand side of the photo, a child in red rubber boots at the counter and a large bald man very close to the lens of the camera.  See what you think.

The weirdest photo I have ever received.  You may have to fiddle with your resolution to see everything, but there are three entities shown in this ONE photo.

Some Plain Talk About Shadow People

The picture following is an accidental picture of a shadow person.  If you have studied the paranormal at all you have probably run across this phenomenon.   I have been called in on numerous cases of people having had this disturbance in their home or business.  

Frankly, there isn't that much known about shadow people.  There is very little lore to find about this but I confess that they scare the hell out of me.  They can often be induced to leave through performing a home clearance or "deliverance".  It is a type of spiritual cleansing done with prayers, holy water and salt.  

What bothered me most about this picture when I received it is that I know the family and also know that shadow people tend to attach themselves to children of all ages.  They have a dark agenda, that is certain.  They often present themselves like the kind of person that the child needs them to be in order to gain their confidence.  If the child needs a kindly grandmother they become a kindly grandmother figure; if the child needs a play friend they become the play friend but almost always try to induce the child to do something that would ultimately hurt them - such as biting into an electrical cord or  telling them that if they jump out of this or that window they will be able to fly.  

Shadow people are plain DANGEROUS.  They should be avoided at all costs.  In this picture, the girl was posing with "the ghost" at a Halloween party.  She just thought that she was being smart but when the picture was downloaded the shadow person is right there to see.  If you have experienced these shaped three-dimensional shadows, please don't ignore it or think that it is your imagination.  Shadow people are REAL!  

You will notice in this picture that the shadow is SOLID and three-dimensional.  If it was JUST a shadow, you would see through it and would be a shade against the door facing and door.  But it is SOLID.  You cannot see through it.  If you are encountering this type of disturbance, please call me for help.
ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING ABOUT SHADOW PEOPLE:  You are able to see them in a dark room with your eyes because they are darker than the darkest room and SOLID!
This is a picture of a shadow person and a young woman who was not expecting to see this in a Halloween photo.

Ashley House video

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
10th floor camera
This is from the tenth floor security cam on the tenth floor of the hotel I service in New Orleans. Download and watch this. It will make your jaw drop.
I just received this video from the hotel in New Orleans I service.  I am unable to mention the name of the hotel because of a special arrangement with them. (The hotel chain is a little sketchy about having their name linked to the word "Haunted".)  But watch this video.  It will knock your socks off.

Insane Asylum Ghost Picture

You have to look closely, but a fellow sensitive was visiting Lower Fort Garry, Canada and this photo was taken at the insistance of spirit. It was taken in a former prison and insane asylum in Lower Fort Garry.
Taken at a former mental hospital in Canada.

Queen Mary Ghost or Demon? You decide.

It has long been known by paranormalists (those who work in the paranormal) that the HMS Queen Mary which is currently docked in Long Beach, CA. IS, in fact, paranormally active.  One of my new students in my class sent me this picture taken during a tour of the HMS Queen Mary.

Many paranormal investigation teams have identified particular spirits who still call the QM home.  In this frame we see a spirit form of some kind looking out of a WALL toward those who are passing.  The ship's history indicates that in this sport a crewman was scalded to death when a high pressure steam pipe broke.

The picture seems to show a person who is seriously burned over most of their body.  The traces of what might have been a uniform are also shown (although that part of the analysis is still open to question.  What is NOT questionable is the fact that the figure has eyes, a human shaped head and appears to the camera lens as three dimensional.  But you make up your own mind.

This is a photo taken aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. by a person I know.  Leaning OUT of the hallway mirror there seems to be an entity in 3-D that most folks who see it believe it to be a not-so-nice bad energy.

Send Your Paranormal Photo to Dr. Dave

I welcome and relish seeing the evidence of the paranrmal that you catch on your own.  Please feel free to send them to me and I will post them here (with your permission).  The paranormal is not a 'hard' science.  It is only in its infancy.  By sharing information we all learn.  

Emily's pictures

The following pictures come to me from one of my students, Emily.  Emily is sensitive and is learning to trust her feelings where sensing spirit is concerned.  She has given me permission to use these photos.  She has noticed on numerous occasions that spirit seems to be there with her protecting her daughter.  When she got the feeling that spirit was near she grabbed her camera and has started to take pictures.

One of my students, Emily, has long felt that her child was looked after by relatives now in spirit.  These orbs may be just that.

The following pictures were taken in her home.  I know, from p[rivate psychic work with her that she is very "in touch" with her deceased family members.  That connection might explain these.
More spirit orbs just before baby's bath time.

Some room, taken at the same time but from a slightly different angle.

In the next photo, notice the odd foggy quality and pink tinge that comes on the right side of the frame as if something was giving off it's own energy close to the camera.

Emily sensed a presence in the living room and notice the fogginess of this photo and the pink tinge close to the child.

While I know there could be other possible explanations of how these photographic phenomena happen, I think it is important to always pay attention and never discount the possibility that it might be paranormal.  I know that Emily has attempted to replicate these without success.

Ashley House Ghost Hunt Photos

These are photos taken at Ashley House, a known paranormally active historic home in New Orleans, LA.  I host ghost hunts for "civilians" every year during the week of Halloween.  Inquire by e-mail if you'd like to participate.  I made an agreement with the hotel that owns this property that I would not public their name.  I am, however, able to relate their name to individuals on a request basis.
Where the Ghost Hunt enters at Ashley House.  This was originally the back door to the house.
Photo of Orb taken in the ladies parlour.
Photo of orb taken in the front parlour of Ashley House.
Looking backward into the front parlour.

One of the resort guests using a K-2 meter at the sme time an orb was present.
The large gentleman in the foreground is reacting to knocks we heard in response to ours.
The group goes to the second floor.
As orb photographed near the child's bed in the nursery.
It seems like a gloom of some kind sucks the light out of this photo, nut not the one following taken not two seconds later.
The is the same room as the previous one but is unaffected by the light problem the camera encountered n the prior shot.
Children looking our these dormer windows have been reported by hotel guests and employees alike.
Notice the full body apparition of a civil war nurse in full nursing veil on the left side of the bed.
Small orb showing itself to a hotel guest / ghosthunt member.
It is believed that this room was used as a sick ward when Ashley House was used as a field hospital during the Civil War.  That May account for the lare number of EM spikes we got on the equipment.
I said 'Good-Bye' as I was about to be the last one down the stairs and out of the building.  I took picture right afterward and I think it was saying 'good-bye'  too.

Children, Orbs, and the Paranormal

Picture of baby looking upward at spirit friend.It is thought by many researchers in the paranormal that children of a very young age are able connect with spiritual energies that are all around us.  I decided to post this after (a) receiving permission to do so from the persons involved and (b) to caution parents to NOT discount your child's apparent interaction with unseen energies just because YOU cannot perceive what your child is perceiving.  
Here's the story:  I was asked to do a reading involving mediumship for a nice young woman who was grieving the loss of her father.  The contact with spirit was successful.  The Dad came through clear as a bell to visit with his grieving daughter and perhaps lighten her feelings of regret surrounding his death.  
She wrote me a tremendous letter which is displayed on the home page of this site saying thank you for the reading and to express her sincere gratitude.  But the story did not end with the reading.  Please go to the front page of this site and read the letter.  Currently it is the second letter displayed below the map and was written by a wonderful young woman named Taryn.  Please read it and you'll understand the picture shown here.  
During the reading her dad wanted to let her know he was still there for her, but also for her child as well.  (Note the references to plush, pink teddy bears in the letter.)
She told me that she had taken some pictures of her children and it was only in THOSE pictures that her camera captured orbs.  Now I know that there are some in the paranormal field that discount the idea that orbs are spirits or at least spiritual energy caught by the camera.  Let me go on record as saying that I believe that orbs are EXACTLY that - spirits or spiritual energy caught by the camera lens that somehow our human eyes cannot see.
I have a relatively expensive digital camera that I have used for over a year.  The ONLY times it shows orbs are when I am taking pictures in allegedly haunted locations.  Never at any other time.  Just in places where there is known paranormal activity.   So I am a believer in orbs.  However, I also know that NOT EVERY orb on film is of a supernatural nature.  Yes, dust particles CAN cause orbs.  Small insects can also cause orbs.  But, to my eye (having seen hundreds of orb photos over time) dust and insects produce a different type of orb than those I have seen from legitimate paranormal researchers.
Anyway, back to the story now.
After the reading, Taryn was home a couple of days and in the intervening time shot a few more pictures of her toddler being held by a family member.  And, lo and behold, there was ANOTHER ORB near her daughter.  But more importantly,notice in the photo posted here WHERE the child is looking.  Yep, you guessed it.  The child is looking straight at the orb.  There is no mistaking where the child is focusing her gaze.  So, then, DO CHILDREN OF A YOUNG AGE PERCEIVE SPIRITUAL ENERGIES? You be the judge.
Of course, as with so many things in the paranormal world, for some people no further proof is necessary.  For the rest, no amount of proof is enough to ever convince them.  In consideration of this, try to keep in mind that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and has feathers like a duck, it's probably a duck!

Ghost Photo of the Month

This photo was sent to me by my friend Julie at KOMO in Seattle.  This photo was taken with an iPhone.  You'll notice the two humans in the center and was taken in an old residence that was being rehabilitated.  (Often remodeling old residences stirs up spiritual energies.) But look to the left of the two in the photo and you'll see a very surprising ghost-child in very period attire. 

Paranormal photo of a ghost girl on the left.  You don't have to be a psychic to see here either.