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Children, Orbs, and the Paranormal
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Ashley House video
Queen Mary Ghost or Demon? You decide.
Some Plain Talk About Shadow People


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The Paranormal

Children, Orbs, and the Paranormal

Picture of baby looking upward at spirit friend.It is thought by many researchers in the paranormal that children of a very young age are able connect with spiritual energies that are all around us.  I decided to post this after (a) receiving permission to do so from the persons involved and (b) to caution parents to NOT discount your child's apparent interaction with unseen energies just because YOU cannot perceive what your child is perceiving.  
Here's the story:  I was asked to do a reading involving mediumship for a nice young woman who was grieving the loss of her father.  The contact with spirit was successful.  The Dad came through clear as a bell to visit with his grieving daughter and perhaps lighten her feelings of regret surrounding his death.  
She wrote me a tremendous letter which is displayed on the home page of this site saying thank you for the reading and to express her sincere gratitude.  But the story did not end with the reading.  Please go to the front page of this site and read the letter.  Currently it is the second letter displayed below the map and was written by a wonderful young woman named Taryn.  Please read it and you'll understand the picture shown here.  
During the reading her dad wanted to let her know he was still there for her, but also for her child as well.  (Note the references to plush, pink teddy bears in the letter.)
She told me that she had taken some pictures of her children and it was only in THOSE pictures that her camera captured orbs.  Now I know that there are some in the paranormal field that discount the idea that orbs are spirits or at least spiritual energy caught by the camera.  Let me go on record as saying that I believe that orbs are EXACTLY that - spirits or spiritual energy caught by the camera lens that somehow our human eyes cannot see.
I have a relatively expensive digital camera that I have used for over a year.  The ONLY times it shows orbs are when I am taking pictures in allegedly haunted locations.  Never at any other time.  Just in places where there is known paranormal activity.   So I am a believer in orbs.  However, I also know that NOT EVERY orb on film is of a supernatural nature.  Yes, dust particles CAN cause orbs.  Small insects can also cause orbs.  But, to my eye (having seen hundreds of orb photos over time) dust and insects produce a different type of orb than those I have seen from legitimate paranormal researchers.
Anyway, back to the story now.
After the reading, Taryn was home a couple of days and in the intervening time shot a few more pictures of her toddler being held by a family member.  And, lo and behold, there was ANOTHER ORB near her daughter.  But more importantly,notice in the photo posted here WHERE the child is looking.  Yep, you guessed it.  The child is looking straight at the orb.  There is no mistaking where the child is focusing her gaze.  So, then, DO CHILDREN OF A YOUNG AGE PERCEIVE SPIRITUAL ENERGIES? You be the judge.
Of course, as with so many things in the paranormal world, for some people no further proof is necessary.  For the rest, no amount of proof is enough to ever convince them.  In consideration of this, try to keep in mind that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and has feathers like a duck, it's probably a duck!

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Rachelle on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 8:03 PM
When my son was about 4 or 5, he used to have what he called "color friends". What he descibed sound like orbs. I was reading a book to him one night, about different things he could grow up to be. He told me, "but mommy, I'm not going to grow up, my color friends told me". He was very matter of fact, without fear. He said he was going to live in heaven and I would come later. He also said the same thing to his grandmother, which I didn't learn until years later. I never reminded him of this conversation, nor did he ever mention it again. My beloved son passed away, suddenly, at the age of 22, last year. I should have paid more attention to his prediction.
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Phil Norman on Saturday, December 29, 2012 12:26 AM
Very pleased to know that spirits or spiritual energy caught by the camera lens that somehow our human eyes cannot see as well. Just a quick note to tell you that i have a passion for the topic at hand. Thanks for this allocation......
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ashley brown on Friday, July 05, 2013 7:39 PM
hi there, I have a picture I would love for someone to have a look at it. M son was only a couple months old and there is a huge purple sparkly orb over his head. I would love to have someones opinion on this!
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