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Ashley House video
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The Paranormal

April 2012

Queen Mary Ghost or Demon? You decide.

It has long been known by paranormalists (those who work in the paranormal) that the HMS Queen Mary which is currently docked in Long Beach, CA. IS, in fact, paranormally active.  One of my new students in my class sent me this picture taken during a tour of the HMS Queen Mary.

Many paranormal investigation teams have identified particular spirits who still call the QM home.  In this frame we see a spirit form of some kind looking out of a WALL toward those who are passing.  The ship's history indicates that in this sport a crewman was scalded to death when a high pressure steam pipe broke.

The picture seems to show a person who is seriously burned over most of their body.  The traces of what might have been a uniform are also shown (although that part of the analysis is still open to question.  What is NOT questionable is the fact that the figure has eyes, a human shaped head and appears to the camera lens as three dimensional.  But you make up your own mind.

This is a photo taken aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. by a person I know.  Leaning OUT of the hallway mirror there seems to be an entity in 3-D that most folks who see it believe it to be a not-so-nice bad energy.