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Ashley House video
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The Paranormal

Some Plain Talk About Shadow People

The picture following is an accidental picture of a shadow person.  If you have studied the paranormal at all you have probably run across this phenomenon.   I have been called in on numerous cases of people having had this disturbance in their home or business.  

Frankly, there isn't that much known about shadow people.  There is very little lore to find about this but I confess that they scare the hell out of me.  They can often be induced to leave through performing a home clearance or "deliverance".  It is a type of spiritual cleansing done with prayers, holy water and salt.  

What bothered me most about this picture when I received it is that I know the family and also know that shadow people tend to attach themselves to children of all ages.  They have a dark agenda, that is certain.  They often present themselves like the kind of person that the child needs them to be in order to gain their confidence.  If the child needs a kindly grandmother they become a kindly grandmother figure; if the child needs a play friend they become the play friend but almost always try to induce the child to do something that would ultimately hurt them - such as biting into an electrical cord or  telling them that if they jump out of this or that window they will be able to fly.  

Shadow people are plain DANGEROUS.  They should be avoided at all costs.  In this picture, the girl was posing with "the ghost" at a Halloween party.  She just thought that she was being smart but when the picture was downloaded the shadow person is right there to see.  If you have experienced these shaped three-dimensional shadows, please don't ignore it or think that it is your imagination.  Shadow people are REAL!  

You will notice in this picture that the shadow is SOLID and three-dimensional.  If it was JUST a shadow, you would see through it and would be a shade against the door facing and door.  But it is SOLID.  You cannot see through it.  If you are encountering this type of disturbance, please call me for help.
ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING ABOUT SHADOW PEOPLE:  You are able to see them in a dark room with your eyes because they are darker than the darkest room and SOLID!
This is a picture of a shadow person and a young woman who was not expecting to see this in a Halloween photo.

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