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Ashley House video
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Children, Orbs, and the Paranormal
Ashley House Ghost Hunt Photos
Ashley House video
Queen Mary Ghost or Demon? You decide.
Some Plain Talk About Shadow People


Ashley House Ghosthunt Photos
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The Paranormal

Ashley House Ghosthunt Photos

Ashley House video

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10th floor camera
This is from the tenth floor security cam on the tenth floor of the hotel I service in New Orleans. Download and watch this. It will make your jaw drop.
I just received this video from the hotel in New Orleans I service.  I am unable to mention the name of the hotel because of a special arrangement with them. (The hotel chain is a little sketchy about having their name linked to the word "Haunted".)  But watch this video.  It will knock your socks off.

Ashley House Ghost Hunt Photos

These are photos taken at Ashley House, a known paranormally active historic home in New Orleans, LA.  I host ghost hunts for "civilians" every year during the week of Halloween.  Inquire by e-mail if you'd like to participate.  I made an agreement with the hotel that owns this property that I would not public their name.  I am, however, able to relate their name to individuals on a request basis.
Where the Ghost Hunt enters at Ashley House.  This was originally the back door to the house.
Photo of Orb taken in the ladies parlour.
Photo of orb taken in the front parlour of Ashley House.
Looking backward into the front parlour.

One of the resort guests using a K-2 meter at the sme time an orb was present.
The large gentleman in the foreground is reacting to knocks we heard in response to ours.
The group goes to the second floor.
As orb photographed near the child's bed in the nursery.
It seems like a gloom of some kind sucks the light out of this photo, nut not the one following taken not two seconds later.
The is the same room as the previous one but is unaffected by the light problem the camera encountered n the prior shot.
Children looking our these dormer windows have been reported by hotel guests and employees alike.
Notice the full body apparition of a civil war nurse in full nursing veil on the left side of the bed.
Small orb showing itself to a hotel guest / ghosthunt member.
It is believed that this room was used as a sick ward when Ashley House was used as a field hospital during the Civil War.  That May account for the lare number of EM spikes we got on the equipment.
I said 'Good-Bye' as I was about to be the last one down the stairs and out of the building.  I took picture right afterward and I think it was saying 'good-bye'  too.